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100% online application process makes completing your application easy! No need to fill out multiple bank applications, fill one and done

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We guarantee to get you the lowest rate possible for your credit card processing. Our extensive industry relationships insure the best rates!

High Risk Industry?

Is your business considered “High Risk”? No problem! We work with many banks around the globe that specialize in these accounts.

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Our dedicated staff of account executives have years of experience in this business and are available to help make your experience great!

You Can Help!

Do Good, While Doing Business

Making Credit Processing Better

Every business that accepts credit cards pays monthly rates and fees to a credit card processor for their service. Currently, you as a business owner have no control over HOW those fees are used. You can CHANGE that, and do something to make the world a better place! Join Merchant Match Charity and allow us to provide you with a new merchant account, and channel a portion of those credit transaction fees to the non-profit organization that you are already supporting.

Many charities and nonprofit organizations are turning to alternative fundraising channels such as Merchant Match Charity to meet their budget needs, especially in difficult economic times when traditional funding sources are limited.

Merchant Match Charity makes every transaction count – With every credit card swipe, you channel a portion of your processing fees directly to the charity or nonprofit you support. This donation happens automatically, at no cost to you. The funds are taken from the credit card transaction fees.

Your business continues to conduct transactions in the same way you always have, but now, a portion of every credit card sale goes to your selected charity or nonprofit. Let your customers know that their purchase with you will also help support a worthy cause: they may decide to spend a little more!

How It Works: The Details

Merchant Match’s online donation calculator puts you in the driver’s seat. It gives you the POWER to create your own pricing by simply entering your average monthly credit card sales and your average processing rate from your current provider. The calculator then shows you the average amount you will be redirecting to your selected nonprofit through the power of your partnership with us. You can also raise and lower your rate to save money on your merchant fees. If business is good, and you’re feeling generous you can choose to pay slightly more, now that you know you’re making every transaction count!</>

If you are a smaller business, and think your donation calculation seems insignificant, IT IS NOT. Remember, you are now part of a larger network of businesses that CARE, so together we are making a big difference.

Create your FREE account and try the Donation Calculator today!

Other Services Available

Credit Card Processing Equipment

Merchant Match is also prepared to offer free, updated equipment for those that qualify. We provide state-of-the-art card terminals, including POS (point of sale) touch screen terminals. Or, we can reprogram your existing equipment — at no additional charge. We also support online processing for your ecommerce needs, and specialize in servicing High Risk Accounts and industries, with a long history of working with banks worldwide.

Our mission is to provide great service and superior technology while opening a simple, risk-free path that lets you easily “do good while doing business.” Merchant Match wants to be your partner in giving to your selected nonprofit, at no additional cost to you. This partnership can make your business work better for you too!

Please contact us if you have any questions about your online application, or if you would like us to evaluate your current processing statement. We will send you a proposal of additional savings to show you how and why you should make the change to Merchant Match Charity and our processing partners. Join us and make every transaction count!

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